Combine two cubes within one cube view

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The customer reporting format includes data from both cubes that are currently set up in the application. How can I create a cube view that results from a combination of the two cubes?



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Hi Ioana,

Use the dimension tag Cb# in the POV for the cube view intersections. However, the Cube View editor doesn't recognize Cb# as a valid dimension tag (at least for my OS version 6.4) so I use an XFBR rule to generate Cb#Cube2.

In my example below, Column1 pulls data from P1Main cube. Column 2 pulls data from a 2nd cube called P1EmployeePlan where the XFBR call returns Cb#P1EmployeePlan from my function ST_ParamHelper>GetCubeMbrString.

The 2nd screenshot shows the GetCubeMemberString function that simply returns Cb#param value.

The 3rd screenshot shows that both columns are pointing to different cubes.

Hopefully, OneStream will eventually introduce Cb# in Cube View editor Member Filter Builder interface!








Hello @Cosimo , is it possible that you share more details about how you  combined the two cube views? I understand that you are using some functions, but I am not sure how these need to be defined. Thank you.