Copy->Paste 'as value/Special' a formula from Excel


For our Planning/Budgeting application we have a dashboard that is an excel spreadsheet with a CV embedded in it.  

Goal: is to allow folks to copy paste from excel where they have additional data summarized (ie paste formula as a value)

Issue: Copy (Ctrl-C) Paste (Ctrl-V) will paste the formula that then turns into a value based on the reference in the dashboard and not the original excel.

Option 1: I did turn on Spreadsheeting setting - Show Ribbon and user can now select Home-Paste Special-Comma delimited.

Question: Is there a better way!  1) - Folks are confused with the list of Paste As options (see below). 2) - Creates 3 additional clicks than normal. 3) - We prefer to not even show the Ribbon - It just creates questions from users. 4) - Is there a way to set a default or maybe a button.




Honored Contributor

This is really an Excel question rather than a OneStream one... You can probably have a simple Excel macro that does the work via a button, although I don't know if it would then work in a OneStream Spreadsheet window.

Another approach could be to have a XFSetCell call that takes that value and saves it in some dummy place, from which the dashboard can then retrieve it. To avoid issues with multiple people using the same intersection at the same time, you could keep it in a separate dummy "UserPrefs" cube, where you have a dimension representing users. It's a bit hardcore but it then allows you to store all sorts of user-specific data.