Cube View Math

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Hi all, new OneStream consultant and developer here. I am trying to build out a cube view for a client and I think I need to use CV math for one of the columns, but I am not sure...

I need my 'Var%' column to show the difference of Actual and Budget scenarios, which I assume should be very simple, but I do not know how to do it. 

Here is a partial screenshot of the Excel report I am re-creating:


The row this intersects with is using the following: a gross profit account and a U8 calculation for percent of rev.

The current data is showing the percent of rev for the Actual column. Do I need to use CV math within an override to get the desired result? 

Thanks in advance!!!


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You can use override to fix this issue. Using row override in the columns will use the column formula for the specified rows. Using the column override in the rows will use the specified formulas for the specified columns.