Cube View - Row/Column Intersection calculation using GetDataCell() and CVRC()

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Looking for anyone who has used the CVRC() function successfully in their Cube Views.

If so, is there anything special you are doing with the syntax for the Row or Column Index #?

According to the OS documentation, I should be able to simply do this:  GetDataCell(CVRC(RowName,RowIndex,ColumnName,ColumnIndex).... ETC.)

Example:  GetDataCell(CVRC(MyRowA,1,MyColA,2) + CVRC(MyRowB,2,MyColD,4)

But even with the most basic test cube view, the result is always giving me an Invalid Index error.
Is there some special way to express the row or column Index # that I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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Please ignore - I discovered the issue and as it turns out, I managed to get this resolved using a different method.