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Cube View data not consolidating

New Contributor

I have created a cube view that I am having issues with some of the rows not totaling correctly. The cube view is designed to display an income statement. Some background on the cube view. It has 2 columns. 1 column has the member filter set as "T#|!ML_Year!|.TreeDescendantsR:U8#DerivedData:Name(|MFTimeDesc|)" so that each month and quarter can be displayed for the year chosen. The 2nd column displays the YTD amount for the year chosen and is written as "T#|!ML_Year!|:U8#None."


The issue I am having is that I have 1-3 rows that are not adding correctly for each quarter. As an example, Month 1 has $500, Month 2 has $500, Month 3 has $500.00 and the total for Q1 is being displayed as $1,000 instead of $1,500. I am only experiencing this issue when I use a different scenario other than actual. I have run a consolidation on each scenario and still experiencing this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?