Cube selection in Quick View

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Is there any way to stipulate the Cube whilst building a Quick View without selecting that Cube on the user's default POV? I've tried typing Cb#CubeName in the cell in Excel but when I create the Quick View it ignores this and uses the default POV Cube. 

In the example I have tried to create QuickView for RETLWRK cube but POV default of MAINREP has been used to I need to change the Quick View cube in the Context Pane after creating the Quick View.






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 Hi @Russ  The Context Pane is that users session POV.  You can't control their session POV.  When the selection is grayed out it means it is not being used in the current view (your screen grab above).  The elipsis and confirming the Cube, upon selection will be bold.


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I think @MikeG 's answer is probably what you're after.  But if you are trying to pull the same default intersections across 2 cubes in the one QuickView you can always do overrides (or 'mashups' as we call them).

For example, if you have account on the row, you can build your member filter as such:


 Obviously, this only works if all of the other intersections utilize the same dimensionality.  If you have different dimensionality you can continue to do more mashups by adding ':U1#YourMember' (or any other dimension) as needed so that it properly retrieves data.

well, if you really truly want it then how about storing that as a template in the user's folder and then ask them to use it as a starting point.