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Cube view report in excel

New Contributor

I am looking for a way to download a dashboard with multiple tabs to excel and making sure each tab is downloaded to a tab in excel workbook. Is there a way to do that easily?


I believe if you create a BI Viewer component with multiple sections it'll do that. 

Now for tabs, I don't think the default option of Export to EXCEL does it. I had to create a custom button that exports and downloads the content from all the tabs once clicked.

You're generating an XLSX workbook using BR?? Would love to see a code sample.

Good afternoon , would you be able to expand on the custom button, did you write a BR to export all tabs to the Excel at the same time and then assigned that to the button? Any way you can share the code with me?


I'm using EPPlus for creating the EXCEL workbook. I'll try and generalize the rule and post it here, or I will do a separate post for the same.