CubeView Connection #Logon

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We have a user who is experiencing intermittent instances.  Her CubeView connections, via the excel add in, are displaying a #Logon instead of retaining the last value retrieved.  See below.

Her preference is set to "Invalidate old data when workbook is open = false". 

Is there another setting or preference that needs to be enabled to ensure the user sees the last value?

Note: there are multiple cubeview connections in the same excel file.



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Sounds like a support case, there might be some bad cached stuff.

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We've also seen this when the last user to open the file has different settings from the usual file user so you might want to check on that possibility too. 

Thanks.  This is also my suspicion because it is a shared, working file.  I've emphasized the need for all the users to validate their settings are the same.  Each user claims the "invalidate data" is set to false.