CubeView - Expection for one row in row suppression

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I have a CubeView with UD1 on column and account on rows.

I have a setting for columns "Use to determine Row suppression". I cant find this option on Rows.

I want column to expand if there is data in Row 1-2, but for Row3 I only want to show data IF there is data in Row 1-2. Row 3 will always have data for all UD1 members (column) but I only want to show it if there is data in Row1-2. So column suppression/expansion should only be based on Row 1-2. 

Is this possible to do in OneStream? 



From the online help:

Use To Determine Row Suppression (columns only😞 Set to True to improve performance on large cube views by enabling the designer to better define how to apply row suppression.

So no, you don't have that option for rows. You could pivot your layout, or try some Conditional Formatting trickery (e.g. setting the font color the same as background color if there is data on the other row). Or use an override that points to a calculated UD8, returning nodata as necessary (which will trigger suppression).

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