CubeView Parameters

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Is it possible to use Cubeview Parameters in XFGetCell ?




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XFGetCell is an Excel function that goes to OneStream and retrieves a number. It doesn't know anything about CubeViews.

What you probably want is XFGetDashboardParameterValue. From the page "Retrieve Function" in Design and Reference Guide: 
This function is available to Excel Add-in and Spreadsheet. If that function is used within an XLSX file that is using a function like XFGetCell or XFSetCell (or similar) where these are referencing a custom parameter value (e.g. ParamEntity) that is on the Dashboard that references this Spreadsheet from within it as a Component. The practice to get this Custom Parameter value is to use XFGetDashboardParameterValue to fetch the text from that Parameter or its default value and place it in a cell on the Spreadsheet (e.g. B1). Then the cell that is using a retrieve function such as XFGetCell would reference this other cell (i.e. B1).

XFGetDashboardParameterValue("myParamName", "Text For Default Value")

@JackLacava I am new OneStream user so I might be wrong here but yesterday I tried using Cubeview parameter in XFGetCell function and it did work. I have XFGetCell function which point to my parameter page and where I was able to use |!CurFC!| and pull data. 


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Hi Saurin,

Can you share the syntax of how you were able to do this?