Cubeview in Excel not refreshing

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I created a cube view group in the in the application and it works fine. I placed it into a cube view profile so I could then pull it into an excel workbook via the onestream add-in. This also worked fine.

However, now when I go to refresh the data, as this will be a monthly report, the cubeview is not connected and everything is essentially hardcoded. What changed to cause it to go from a living report to not connecting to the data base?



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Hi Jacob,

A better way to do that will be using OneStream spreadsheets what you can do is create a CV connection within the spreadsheet and save it as a dashboard file and you can create a spreadsheet component and within that component you can set refresh as true attach it to a dashboard and you will have the excel available 

In this approach you won't lose your CV in the excel.


Thanks, Omkareshwar
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Not sure what you mean by cube view is not connected? When you refresh is it not bringing the data, did you try to refresh the connection again from the add connection  sections?