Dashboard Component in Report Book

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I have a report book with Report item which contains a Dashboard Report. The Dashboard component is a Grid View with a BI Blend Data Adapter.


I get the following error when the report book is opened from FileShare.


I am using Dashboard Report type in Report Book, and per Design and Reference Guide: 

The chart and report items are application dashboard chart components, rather than dashboard components.

Does it mean I cannot use the Grid View Component in Report Book? 

I have the BI Blend data in a Dashboard Grid View component, and I need to get this into the book.

Please let me know if you are aware of any workaround to achieve this. 

Thanks in advance.



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It's hard to say what could be going wrong - one would have to look at all elements on the dashboard, the data adapters, etc, to see if there are things that might not work in the context of generating a Book.

You might want to talk to Support, they should be able to do that sort of work.