Data Attachments

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When a data attachment is added to a cell, the cell is marked with a red triangle indicating the existence of the attachment. This does not appear to show up in excel when the form is connected to Cubeview Connection. The only way to know whether there is a data attachment seems to be right clicking the cell to drill into the attachment. Is there any way to get an attachment indication to show up in excel?


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Were you able to figure out how/if you can do this? I have a client who is requesting the same thing but as far as I can tell this functionality is limited to the application and not the excel add-in.

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OneStream confirmed to me today that this is not currently available in excel. There is an enhancement request out there (PF-2077). Hopefully it's included in the next release.

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Gotcha, thanks for the update!


Just adding my 2 cents here as well.  This would be a huge feature for our FP&A group but they work primarily in Excel with CV Connections and if they can't easily see the Data Attachment, they will not use the feature.  Can't blame them.  I can't believe it's taken OS this long to add this as an 'enhancement' for some upcoming release.  Feels more like a bug to me.