Database update error. The wrong number of database rows were processed.

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Hello !

I'm facing an issue where I want to change the value in one of the cell of an SQL table editor.

The row is already there (generated via business rule), but I just want to edit a cell of this row. When I hit save, I get the message "Database update error. The wrong number of database rows were processed".

It only happens with this row that has been inserted by a business rule. I am able to change the value of all rows except this one. Also, I don't have any business rule running when I save my datatable.

Strangely, I get the same error message if I try to delete the row ...



How to solve this situation ?




Community Manager
Community Manager

The rule might have left a row lock...? If you're working locally, you could try rebooting the whole environment (Onestream and SQLServer). If not, sounds like one for Support to look into.

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Thanks Jack, you're awesome !

The error was because there was no primary keys, I have added an "ID" column as the first column on my datatable, and now I don't have this issue anymore. Something to keep in mind when working on data table !

Many thanks !