Dependent parameters in a spreadsheet having cube view connection

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Hi All,

We have a technical blocker for one of the report in our planning application. This report has UD2, UD3 and account as parameters. On the dashboard, this report appears fine when user seamlessly selects the parameters from the interface. There is some dependency between these user selection options which is handled through XFBR rule.

For a specific UD3 member, a certain list of UD2 members will appear for selection, for another UD3 member a different set of UD2 members will show up and so on.

We have the same report available as an offline report having the same cube view connection. In the spreadsheet, this dependence is causing a blocker and parameter pop up for UD2 appears blank showing no options for user to select values. Kindly guide us on how this dependence of parameters can be handled in the spreadsheet having the same cube view connection.

Nidhi Mangtani

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Hello Nidhi,
Can you try something for me as I think it should work.
If I assume you have your parameters in a drop down list, my understanding is that if I update paramUD2 it should "update" differently the "paramUD3" that is contained withing another drop down. If my statement is correct, you could have each drop down component in its own small dashboard. So in your case you would have 3 sub-dashboard for each drop down Account+UD2+UD3. After creating that, you will add a refresh on each dashboard with a correct XFBR function that will list the correct members...
Sorry for being so high level, I hope you understand the concept. I know it works as I did it once. I did a printscreen below. Have a close look at the dashboard...

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Hi @NicolasArgente ,

Thanks for your response. We have achieved this seamlessly in Dashboard as outlined by you,



When user opens the same in excel form, there the dropdown comes empty.


Could you please guide us how the dependent parameters can be handled in the spreadsheet having the cube view connection?


Nidhi Mangtani