Display message box in Excel

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Is it possible to show a message box in excel?

I am currently writing a SpreadsheetFunctionType.SaveTableView rule and I would like to display a message box to the user with any data validation errors when trying to save.

I have tried :

Throw New XFUserMsgException(si, Nothing, Nothing, "My error message")

However, this doesn't seem to work.





Nope, there is none. I'm not sure if I logged an enhancement request for this. Please log one or ask to get added to that one.

The exception will log only to the log file. Admins can check it. But not users. The main pain point is, if something fails, it will behave as if everything was good.

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As an alternative, you can have a "Results" or "Comments" column in your table view and display that column to have "SUCCESS"/"FAILURE" or any relevant message with color coding. And user training can be provided for correcting errors as per different validation errors. 

Hope this helps.

Nidhi Mangtani

You can do anything in OneStream. That will work if you return a tableview for every try-catch block.

Thanks, this is a good shout!

I will try it