Display of 0's in rows with no data in OneStream AND excel Export

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How Can I have rows that have no data for a time period to display 0 instead of blank in OneStream as well as when exported to Excel. 


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Add a column that adds zero to the data column. [Null] + 0 = 0.


Cube View [Column 1] has the (sometimes null) data

Cube View [Column 2] = [Column 1] + 0 using a GetDataCell formula


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In case it is not obvious, you can hide [Column 1].

Is there a way to do this without column math? Using column math prevents the drill down functionality. 



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If we don't use the GetDataCell formula in the report, we could use the GetDataCell formula in the account formula.

WARNING: I would never recommend adding zero to static account formula. You will populate many cells of data with zeros!


DYNAMIC CALC: But you could add it to a dynamic calculation account. And this solution might make sense for a short list of accounts. But the longer the list of accounts, the higher the 'cost' of this answer. Both in terms of report speed and chart of accounts volume.

I wouldn't  create new account to accomodate this as this would require a lot of maintenance. From what I am understanding is that there is currently no supression setting for this.


Thanks for the insight.