Drill Back to Analytic Blend from Cube Data ???

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Hi - Is it possible to drill back to the Analytic Blend tables from the cube data? I have an CV MD adapter which pulls the data from CV, and I created a Map & Bar chart and I want to create a Drill Back to the Analytic Blend tables because it has SKU & Customer level data which is not present in Cube. I am able to create the separate but not able to integrate. Do I need to create any Connector Rule? Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated?




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In order to clarify the issue, let me know if anything I state here is incorrect:

- You have a CubeView MD adapter pulling data from a Cube View (hence cube data); you have a chart populated by that adapter

- You have some sort of BiBlend table. I guess it was somehow produced by the same Stage Data that ended up being loaded in the cube (?)

- You want to somehow link the two

If that's what you want, that's not a DrillBack, so let's drop that term.

There are a few different ways to go about this problem. If you want to avoid code, you could

  1. populate some Parameters behind the scenes, to define the values you want to pass to a query on the BiBlend table;
  2. create a Data Adapter of type SQL that uses those parameters in the query, e.g. SELECT * FROM MyBlendTable WHERE Entity = '|!MyParameter!|'
  3. connect that adapter to a gridview

I suspect your issue is with 1, and solving that will depend on which components you are using. You say you have a Map, so I guess you used the BiViewer component...?

Thanks, Jack, for the Quick Response. I will try with the Grid approach with SQL and Yes I am using the BI Viewer component.

To add to what Jack said, drill back can only happen if you've loaded the data to the cube using your source. Then yes, you can define the drill back in your connector rule, or it is always custom development using dashboards or relational blend members.

Thanks ckattookaran.