Drillback from a GridView

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If I have a dashboard gridview of Stage table data, is it possible to execute a drillback to a source system directly from the gridview?


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Hi @egoodwin ,

You will not find an out-of-box solution for this but I believe it for sure can be built.  You would need, and you probably already have this setup, an External Database connection to drill back to the source system.  As you present the Stage data in a custom Dashboard using a Grid View component, you can have a click-event action that runs a Data Adapter, that uses the External DB connection to query and present that data in a 2nd Grid View.  

The Level 3 Dashboard class has a Balance Sheet drill to detail example that has side-by-side views of Cube and Stage data.  You could mirror that in a sense, and have side-by-side views of Stage and Drill-Back-to-Source data views.

It could be done, hope this helps.


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Thanks @MikeG, this is what I was thinking as well. We do already have the database connection set up.

I'm very familiar with the mechanics of the Balance Sheet drill-to-detail example you mentioned.  I think the question now is can I use that click-event Action to kick off the "Navigate to Source - Drill Down" window directly or do I have to execute a custom query and essentially recreate that capability in a separate gridview.  It would be great if I could just click into the existing drill-down mechanisms and make the user experience identical to the existing functionality.