Drilldown ability in BI Viewer

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In BI Viewer,  Is it possible to drilldown to the base level members using Pivot Grid within the same dimension. Like if I pull Entity dimension in a row then is there any way to drill down to the base level members ?

Also, Can filters list out the members in a hierarchical /tree format?  Generally combo box/list/tree map displays it in a flat structure so is there any alternative way to achieve it ?


You can if and only if (for now)it is a grid.

If you are looking for a hierarchy way, then use either the regular pivot grids or large pivot grids and add the parent and the child in rows and it'll automatically do the magic. 

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Thanks . I have tried that option but there are almost 12 levels in our entity structure so is there any easy/simple way to

achieve it using sql query or cubeview ?

What are you trying to achieve? Give an option as a hierarchy for the users to pick a member and show some report?

There is member tree component in dashboards. However, without knowing what you are trying to do there is no point in keep suggesting stuff. 

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