Excel Add-In Not Submitting Form Data

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Hi, All! 

I am unable to submit (cubeview form) from an Excel workbook which contains many unrelated sheets.  Leaving the workbook as is, I enter a new number in the form and click submit, but nothing happens...No error message, but it doesn't overwrite the existing number., so it isn't working.

However, when I randomly delete a few sheets from the workbook, eventually the cell will turn yellow when I change the number, but submitting the data still doesn't update the number.   But when I delete a few more sheets, the cell turns yellow and finally the data is submitted. 

Since it is resolved by shrinking the size of the workbook (original size is 3.23 MB) it seems to be a memory issue.  Is there a fix for this or even a known root cause?  Not sure if the issue is Excel and/or OneStream or something else.  The user would like to keep all of the sheets in the file. 

Thank you!   🙂   


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Community Manager

This sounds like something that should be investigated with Support.