Excel Formatting for spreadsheet component having a cube view

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Hi All,

We have some cube views which dynamically pull columns as per the cycle being planned. 

Cycle1 : 4 quarters

Cycle2: 3 quarters

Cycle3: 6 quarters

Cycle4: 5 quarters 

These cube views have column separators, highlighted rows and columns.

Cube views are included inside spreadsheet component which are then embedded inside the dashboards.

ISSUE: Formatting is different for every cycle due to varying number of quarters. We have had to manually update the spreadsheet components for every cycle due to formatting going off.

Would anyone have a dynamic solution for this?


Nidhi Mangtani

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@ChristianW @NicolasArgente @ckattookaran , any thoughts here please?

Nidhi Mangtani

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Hi Nidhi, 

Could you set up separate column templates for each cycle and share them with the row set? They could be set up with a parameter to be dynamically selected based on the time period. 

For example, we have some selectable row sets so we have a parameter set up on the CV sharing: 


And that parameter selects the CV row template based on the user selection: 


In your case, maybe you could base the parameter off your time selection or something similar so it doesn't have to be manually selected.