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Hi Community,

I am trying to refresh on a quick view sent from another user.  The file will not refresh though it looks like it is connected to the quick views.  I am sure I am missing a setting or something but can't seem to figure it out.  Any suggestions would be great.

Thank You


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Hi, are you also connected to OneStream in Excel? First you need to log in and then press the refresh button. If that does not work, check if you have the necessary security rights in OneStream to view the data that is to be displayed in the Quick View. If you have that, try to re-build the quick view yourself to check if you get access to the data that way. You may also check in with colleagues if they can refresh the same quick view, provided that they have the same security rights like you. Typically, the first two points are the decisive factor (log in & security). 

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We have had this issue where it looks like the sheet is connected but in reality the user copied a quickview and pasted it in another tab. If you copy the quickview by using the the classic right click and copy it does not bring the connection to that new sheet. This could be the issue. Copying and pasting a quickview can be tricky as they need to use the copy function within the excel quickview ribbon.

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This is a great point. A quick way to tell if it has a connection is to click on a cell in the quick view, and see if any of the dimensions populate in the POV pane on the right. This would be an example of a copy and pasted QV without a connection.