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Does anyone know how to have the CV description showing in Excel instead of the name? 

In my CV I have the name and description. And it's the description that is being used in the workflow. So it would make more sense for the users.


Best, Mette


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Can you describe more on this statement "how to have the CV description showing in Excel " ?  Where in Excel would you want to have description instead of name?

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Yes of course! 🙂 

Its when i´m adding a Cube view in excel. 

Via the Cube view connections: 


Then I see the name of the Cube view but I would like to see the description. 






Best, Mette


Mette - I suppose that would not be possible as it is a menu option.


1. Change the CV name to match the description.

2. Run the OS addin in developer mode to find the option for Cube view and chagne it to description instead of name.

Okay, yeah I was hoping there was a possibility. But thanks for your answer 🙂 

I actually had the same question. CubeView description includes some references to the selections, like |CVEntity|, |CVTime|. So would be really nice to have this option in the Excel AddIn. Is there another way to get a textline in the header like this?


Thanks in advance

I checked again, but it's actual the Page Caption that I would like to see as header in the Excel Add In for the report based on the cubeview.

I have the same problem. Is there any solution yet?

Nothing yet unfortunately.