Global Row override for formatting CVs?

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Hi all, I might be having a dumb moment here but I cant work out how to overcome a formatting issue. Im trying to restyle some reporting, all the formatting is on style parameters and in this case my highlighted columns are being overriden by the row total formatting. I just want the background colour as per the column formatting.

I cant use targetted row overrides as the row set is shared and on a param (it could be one of 11 row sets in this report) Ive tried all the tricks to create a global override but nothing is working. 

I cant change the formatting on the row set as its used in multiple places and in a lot of cases it formats correctly, its just this report that works a little differently. Some trick or tip to get round this would be most appreciated! 






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Hi, I did not see in your post whether you tried row overrides in the column definitions? I assume you tried that and it did not work either?



If you are using shared rows and columns and that is why you may not be able to change the parameters, how about duplicating the shared rows for this report to adjust the formatting there? In this case it may be a matter of weighing less maintenance effort vs. being able to format this one report as you wish.

Hi Henning, yep sorry thats what im trying but I have many rows to override as the rows are dynamic and parametrised to be one of 11 possible row sets. I dont fancy creating another 11 row sets and maintaining both sets either.

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HI @Thomas_Bennett,

Based on the order of how formatting is applied, whichever you put on the Column Row Overrides will take precedence over all the other formatting.  So you would only need to change the Column definitions and define the overrides by row. 

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"I cant change the formatting on the row set as its used in multiple places..." can you move this formatting up into the Cube View Default?  If it is repetitive formatting that would be the better spot. This way you can apply the column formatting and it will not be overwritten by the row formatting.

General reminder on the order of evaluation for formatting:

  • Application Default
  • Cube View Default
  • Column Formatting
  • Row Formatting
  • Column Overrides
  • Row Overrides


Hi Db, sorry yes i'm aware of the order of evaluation. The problem is that the formatting is row specific, group rows are highlighted but in the case of this report the column background highlighting should take precedence over that highlighting. In other reports where the same row set is used the row formatting should take precedence over any column formatting and thats kinda my catch 22! This is why I went down the avenue of overrides knowing that they were executed after everything else. What would be really handy would be to "*" the row definition on the override section but unfortunately that doesnt seem to work :S  

HI @Thomas_Bennett ,

Overriding a range of rows/columns is definitely possible. You define the Row1-RowX and would apply the override on the specified range. I sometimes create a first row/last row in the Row Set and name them: FirstRow, LastRow making them invisible. You can then apply the override over the range of rows by defyning the range FisrtRow-LastRow.  

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If you do not get that to work either, may I suggest that you post some screenshots of your rows, columns and your override definitions? That might help the community to possibly give you more pointed advice.