Guided Reporting

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Looking for guidance on how to formatting issues in Guided Reporting. 

- How to fix rounding issues

- How to fix spacing between Parent and Children

- Is there a way to freeze the headers in guided reporting so the user can scroll down during review? 

- When exporting to Excel, the time stamp in the bottom left corner reflects the universal time zone.  Is there a way to get the local time and zone (CT) for the user performing the export?


Thank you in advance for the help!!






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Gabby, that's a lot of questions... you might have more luck splitting individual topics into more focused posts in the future.

I don't have any suggestions for the first three items because they're too generic, some screenshots might help clarifying what you're trying to do.

As for the timezone, if the export you're performing is a CubeView being executed as Report, then it might be doable with a CubeView Extender rule. If it's something else, I don't know, and again I would need more details. Does that help?