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Hierarchical display in BI Viewer

New Contributor III

Hello All,

Is there a way to obtain hierarchical view of dimension(s) in BI Viewer components (like pivot grid) when you use Cube View MD as a source ? In other words not to have all members of dimension(s) as flat but still to have the parents of the dimension displayed as totals (as it would be displayed in a CV)

Thank you




Hey Mathieu,

If you are on 6.6+, you can use the "Dimension to Level" property on the data adapter. Instructions can be found on the Data Adapter page of the Design and Reference Guide, just below the Cube View MD, in a section called "Dimension Leveling".

Below 6.6 we don't have a feature for that. You could theoretically dump the dimension out with the Star Schema option in BiBlend to get a SQL representation of the hierarchy, and then somehow try to be clever with that, but it would be pretty painful - which is why the feature was added.

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