How to Display Point of View to Identify the Data Intersection on Printed Spreadsheets?

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I am looking for help with the quick view functionality. We are moving from HFM, and when creating back up for certain journal entries/rollforwards in HFM ad-hoc excel files, we would type POV:{} in the header of the spreadsheet so that when the file was printed it would also show the POV members used to generate the data in the spreadsheet. I have included an example. Does anyone know how to accomplish something similar through quickview?




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If you go to the Designer tab and expand the Report Header, you can use substitution variables to add the POV data when it exports out. I've included a sample below, and what it looks like in Excel




Thanks for taking some time to provide a reply Michel. While helpful, it is not quite what I was asking.

I am looking for something that dynamically updates based on the POV I set within an excel file through the quickview interface. When we were using HFM, we would use that POV formula to basically convert the info I have circled in the below screenshot to text that would refresh any time data was refreshed. This allowed a reviewer who was not in the system to have context for various support, even if it was just a printed sheet of paper.

We will probably need to snip the circled section of my screenshot and paste it into our support if this option does not currently exist in Onestream.




Sorry. Didn't realize you meant in Quick Views. I had this requirement before, and what we ended up doing (depending on the complexity of the Quick View) was defining common intersection in the Columns. For example, in the screenshot below, all the reporting is done at one entity, view, scenario, etc.


I define those int he Column Dimensions section


And for a little flair, I add descriptors (especially since a lot of them may be set to 'Top') to the fields, like for example, Time: