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How to automatically refresh when data is saved in sql table editor component

New Contributor II

After data is saved in the SQL table editor component, I would like the dashboard to have a auto-refresh so that the results on my dashboard from the dashboard extender business rule implemented on the save data server task can show automatically. Currently I need to refresh dashboard manually to see the results.


On the "Action" part of the sql table editor, there is a "User interface action" which includes an option to refresh. However, my testing and understanding on the "Action" so far tells me, the way to kick off the action is to "delete last row in the sql table" rather than "add or save a new row". That's why the action part does not work for me. There could be more ways to kick it off, but I do not know.


Thank you for your help!




Valued Contributor

These actions will be triggered when the bound parameter changes its value (selection change). You can control, the column of the sql table, that changes the parameter. If you add a row, and the linked column stays the same, the parameter won’t change and therefor the dashboard won’t refresh.

If you link the parameter to a column that is unique, the refresh will take place as soon as you change the active row.

So your save action is creating more rows than you saved? I don't think there is a straightforward way to do it. Maybe add a refresh button on the dashboard, and once your save is done, show a message saying, "Data saved and calculated, please refresh to see updated results." This way, the user knows something happened and either uses the big "refresh button" or the one on the SQL editor component.

New Contributor II

Thank you for the input!