How to make the column names dynamic in BI-Viewer pivot or Grid

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I am facing a problem in making dynamic names for BI-viewer.

I have a data adapter with Command type as Cube view. I am using this adapter in BI-viewer. I want to make the column names similar in cube view. 

For example, in my scenario I have columns changing according to the time. 

but here it will show as Col0Value, Col1Value. As per cube view headers, Col0 is 2024M1 and Col1 is 2024M2 and this will change according to time updated for next periods. It will not be same every time.

How to get the same names as per cube view into BI-viewer column list. 





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Have you tried using the Command Type "Cube View MD" instead? It returns records in a more natural fashion, in my experience.