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IC Matching Reports/Dashboards not showing Parent currency adjustment values

New Contributor III

Hello Everyone.

We are having some issues with IC Matching Standard Dashboards and unable to find a root cause - not sure if this is a Bug.

Intercompany Matching criteria is Set to Parent currency and all other dimensions at Top, However when we post a journals in Parent currency with a partner this matching Dashboard does not consider this Journal line Item for IC matching and none of the Dashboards shows that.

Please help with any insight you have or if you had seen any workaround for the same.


Thanks in Advance !





Hey Satish,

can you attach a screenshot of what you're looking at...? There are a bunch of different places to look for IC matching details so I'm not sure which one you're using.

Note that this might be worth taking to Support, if you think the behaviour is unexpected.

New Contributor III

Hi Jack,  I think you are right I will go to OS support. however this behaviour is happening for all the IC Matching Dashboards including WF enabled Matching reports and the Std Method queries of Onestream.  Thanks