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I am looking to get more information on how the OneStream Parameter Dialog Box figures out what parameters to present for the end user when they run cube view report. Is there a way to leverage that same functionality to create a delimited listing of the user parameter inputs that can be displayed on the report header or footer?


I know that you can simply add all the parameter references into the header or footer but I am looking for something that would dynamically update to account for new parameters as they are added into a cubeview report.


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When in doubt, peruse the API Explorer for args and (where available) api. I reckon these are probably what you want.



How do i acces that? i have only seen that api when creating UD8 Formula Members

Tools -> Business Rules -> Create a rule of type Cube View Extender. You might want to check the Design and reference guide for "Cube View Extender" to learn how to trigger them.

Note however that CV Extenders will only run when a CV is exported as report, i.e. not in Data Explorer or Dashboards.

Thank you i will look into this. Yes i am trying to get the parameter info into a type of supplemental report as i run many cube views via books and as part of audit requirements I am suppose to provide screenshots of the parameters that are inputted at report run time. My thought is to create a report extract step in the book to be able to show the CV parameter settings that are passed into the excel version. Will give the extender a shot thank you for your guidance