Implementating a CAGR calculation in cube view

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Dear community,

I am trying to implement a CAGR calculation as shown in this link :

I have 3 years of data in a cube view, hence my calc should be : (end value / beg value) ^ (1/3) - 1


However, OneStrea does not recognize this "^" which is a pity. What are the alternative to define an exponential value in the cube view ?

What I currently have :

GetDataCell( (CVC(end_value) / CVC(beg_value) ) ^ (1-3) -1 ):NAME(CAGR)


Many thanks for your input on this


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Could this not be done using a DynamicCalc member?
DynamicCalc just retrieves the corresponding end_value & beg_value using GetDataCell, into two numeric variables.
And then do the math (where you have the Math.Pow function : )

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Hi Chris,

I understand the logic, but this indicator will be applied to several indicators, scenario & years, so I don't clearly see how we can use a dynamicCalc member in this situation.

If I use a business rule in a cube view, is there a way to reference previous columns of a given cube view ?