Input data in forms at parent Entity

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Is there any way we can input the data at the Parent Entity:

One Possible way is Set O#AdjInput and Set Account Property > Allow Adjustments to Data Entry to which I want to input data data.
But I am sceptical as it will not allow me to allow Posting a Journal on the base level entity for the account.

Is there any possible or better way to do this?

If I dont find an answer I have to replicate the Accounts in a alternatate hierarchy with some suffix for the with same description and then copy the data to the original account. 😞






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Hi, without knowing your exact use case it is hard to give you the most appropriate advice. Posting journals is my preferred option. Despite that, one can consider setting up an new base entity below the parent you plan to manually enter data to. This mostly goes in line with the process and the requirements. This entity E#xyz_parent_adj can have its own workflow and can be written to individually by e.g. group users and also locked accordingly. 

I would assume that one or a handful of such entities suffice, depending on your data model in case entering or loading journals is not an option.