Insert Suppressed Members & Allow Sparse Row Suppression

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Hi all, 

We are building cube views which require the expansion of three dimensions in the rows. 

We use the "Allow Insert Suppressed Member" function to insert suppressed members in two dimensions.

Since the expansion would generate a very long list of combinations, we want to use the function "Allow Sparse Row Suppression" to improve the cube view performance.

But when a period doesn't contain any data, the allow sparse row suppression function would suppress all the rows, and we won't be able to insert suppressed members. 

In the cube view rows, we have the suppression setting as in below.


Can anyone give us some advice on how we can tackle this?

Thanks in advance!


A bug in that will not allow parent members to show. Allow insert suppressed members to work only when you have at least one data row. You have got a few options that you can try

1. Create a form template that can help the user load the data.

2. You can use a data buffer (you obviously need a source to get the members) and do want OS does for Sparse Row suppression and show the members.