Introduce a Blank row in-between members in Tree Expansion

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Hello All,

I have a reporting requirement, where I need to introduce an empty row between two Sub-Business units. These business hierarchies are displayed using .Tree expansion. In between the Tree hierarchies is it possible to introduce “Blank Rows”. Please let me know. Thank you.


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Hi Sabaritha,

You can try E#None:Name(" ") in the row you want to show blank (:Name(" ") will make sure no text is shown). Then you can format that row a bit different if you want to show the blank row as a "separator" row.


Thank you Peter! I am aware of this method of introducing blank row. What I want to achieve is when I am using .Tree to display the hierarchy, will I be able to introduce blank rows in-between the hierarchy members which is getting dynamically displayed.



You can't do that with standard filters, no. You could create a custom Member List in a Finance Business Rule as explained here, and place your "A#None" strategically in that list, but it's a bit of work and I'd do it only if you plan to use it in multiple reports. Otherwise, the solution shown by @ChristianW is probably the best approximation.

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Hi Sabaritha

This will only work if you embed a blank member in the hierarchy of the members. Then you can use a conditional formula to format the blank row accordingly. But I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of changing the metadata for reporting purposes.

Without changes to the hierarchy, and keeping the drillability in takt, this is the best I get:


The dimension with the tree command needs to be in the second (or 3rd, or 4th) expansion level and then the you can hide the first expansion level by using this setting:


The result will look like this:


If you use conditional formatting smart, you will still be able to create a nice-looking cubeview.

I hope this helps and cheers


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