Is it possible to load data via excel with an XF formula?

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I am knew to the OneStream Software. Is there a way to load data outside of a form, and not through workflow? Meaning, is there an xf formula that can be used in excel that will write to a specific data intersection?


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Hi Carmen,


Yes, OneStream has a XFSetCell formula. See print screen below.





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Peter is correct, you can load via excel functions to OneStream, but it will load to o#forms and not to o#import.

If you need to load to o#import, then you need to use WF and the excel load capabilities.

Thanks Peter. Is there a a formula builder on the OneStream XF addin ribbon? (other tools I've worked with have a formula builder displaying all the XF functions that are available. 

Hi Carmen,


OneStream has a MarketPlace Solution called, Admin Solution Tools. That one contains a Member Formula Builder. See print screen below.





Hi Carmen,


Sorry, I read too quick, I gave you a solution inside of Onestream. However, you will find list of the different Onestream functions in Excel. You get the window with all the fields that you can see in print screen I posted earlier.