Issue in Web Content and File Viewer component to directly open a HTML file in a browser

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Dear community,

I currently have an html document which is located in the file Explorer under "Documents/Public" folder.

I am trying to get this HTML document to be presented into the components, embedded in a dashboard. However, with either a Web Content component or a File Viewer component (which will pinpoint to this specific file in Application Database File, as soon as I open the dashboard, it will load the html page into my default browser...


I am using OS v8.1 ... is it a known bug or the expected behaviour ?

What is even more strange, directing the Full File Name to a URL will correctly open a document in a dashboard ...



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I ran into this as well. Was hoping to use a static site generator for dashboard help pages and have the content saved as dashboard files.  But the web viewer component was opening everything in a local client browser, not the dashboard component.

Let's claim its a bug so they fix it 😉

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Community Manager

I agree that this looks like a bug, happening as soon as you specify the content as coming from a file rather than URL. @Sergey can you file it with Support please ?

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Same issue. Let us know if you find a solution or reply from OS. Thanks.