Move Company Logo to Right on Reports

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Is there a way to move the company logo to the right header side of reports? I have applied a business rule to move the report title on the left but now it is hidden behind the company logo. 



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Not sure how you currently have your report(s) constructed but this can be done from within the Report Designer.  If you are using a Report Component under a Dashboard Maintenance Unit with an assigned Data Adapter, you can simply drag the Company Logo from the left to right and Save from within the Report Designer tab.  




Yes you can. In your cube view, go to General Settings --> Report --> Change Custom Report Task to "Execute Cube View Extender InLine Formula", click on the formula bar and paste this:

Move Logo in Header

Case Is = CVExtenderFunctionType.FormatReportUIItem
       Dim uiItem As CVExtenderReportUIItem = args.Report.CurrentUIItem
       If uiItem.UIItemType = XFReportUIItemType.PageHeaderPictureBoxLogo Then
       uiItem.Left = args.Report.CurrentPageInfo.RightPosition - uiItem.Width    
End If

NOTE: CurrentPageInfo can also use CenterPosition in order to move the logo to the center of the report.