Multi-Select Parameter

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Is there a way to make parameters have multiple selections in cube views?


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Yes. You need to embed the Cube View in a Dashboard. The Parameter will be associated to a Como Box whose Display Format includes "IsMultiSelect = True":


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I've seen this method before, but was wondering if there was a way outside of the combo box, just within a parameter itself.

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@jordielaneCan you elloborate your question ? You can create different parameters (figured below) to use them in Cube Views for multiple selection -



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Yes, let's say I have a member list or member dialog parameter for entity selection, but I want to see the results for 3 entities together instead of just being able to select one. I would prefer it be in a parameter so it can be used in a cube view.

I think it's only possible in a dashboard using the method above as you'd need to pair to a combo box or similar to allow for the multi-selection. If you have specific sets you want people to choose from, you could do an XFBR with a delimited list parameter, but to grab unknow pairings, you're back to the dashboard.