Open a Dashboard from another Workspace

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Dear community,

With 7.4 onward, we have the concept of "Workspaces", which usually works well.

For one of my requirement, I need to embed a dashboard which is on another Workspace. The problem I am facing, is that the parameters that are currently in combo boxes are not recognized when I do so.

When I open the dashboard as usual (ie not embedded but as a regular dashboard), then I don't have this issue. How to solve this situation ?

My parameters are delimited lists and bound lists. When I open the "main" dashboard that embed the targeted dashboard in Design Mode, it recognize these parameters but these are shown as empty.

EDIT : oddly, a similar issue apply to the "Refresh", as my embedded dashboard are getting refereshed as expected when open as standalone, but not refreshed when the dashboard from another workspace is embedded...



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Hi @Sergey ,

What version are you using?  Named workspaces had various implementation gaps before V8

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Hi Robb,

Thank you for the heads up !

I'm currently using a v8.1 application