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Optimize CubeView performance in Excel

New Contributor III

I have Cubeview which takes ~50 secs to refresh in OS.

When I insert same Cubeview in excel and refresh in excel (OS Excel-Addin); it takes over 2 mins.

It is simple insert and refresh i.e. I do not have anything additional like VBA code etc in Excel.

  1. Is it normal for CV to take to take longer to refresh in excel?
  2. Any suggestion to optimize the Cube view refresh in Excel?

Many Thanks.


New Contributor III

I am curious if you have tried opening this using Spreadsheet, and seeing what the refresh time is in there.  I believe that's a direct connection to the database and may tell you if it's an issue with the add-in or with the cube view design itself somehow.

New Contributor III

Thank you Bob. Great suggestion for troubleshooting. I tired and indeed the refresh time reduces to 1 mins 20 secs (down from 2 mins 20 secs). One step closer...I believe next step is to diagnose what is slowing in excel addin. 

Contributor III

You can turn the below properties to false from preferences -> Enable macro -> False and Invalidate old data -> False.

New Contributor

I have a smilar issue. Changing these settings does not reduce the time to refresh the workbook. Also if I populate lots of cells (ca. > 100) in the CV in Excel it takes very long that the cells get yellow (indicating that data is not in DB).  When I hit submitt Excel crashes. So I think the Addin is not made for massdata submission or lager CubeViews.