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Percent ownership in cube view

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My client has asked me to build a report with all subsidiaries and associated companies with respective Percent Ownership. I am aware that I can retrieve this through XFGetRelationshipProperty in Excel add-in but I wonder if there is any way to retrieve it in a cube view?


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Yes, you can create a dynamic member formula that returns all the relationship information. The consolidation member needs to be C#OwnerPostAdj, C#Elimination, C#Share to get access to the parent member. The code for the dynamic calc member formula looks  like this:


Return api.Entity.PercentOwnership()


There are function for all relational information in the entity class. The definition for PercentOwnership is:

api.Entity.PercentOwnership(optional byval entityId as integer, optional byval parentId as integer, optional byval varyByScenarioTypeId as integer, optional byval varyByTimeId as integer) as decimal

If you don't specify the optional parameters, it will use the dataunits pov information.

In a cubeview, you can also use the XFMemberProperty, details are in the documentation.

I prefer the dynamic member formula because it allows you to access this information everywhere (i.e. quickview).

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