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is it possible to get column E to show YTD values? if i change the view to YTD everything else changes to YTD. i tried using the getcelldata(#2022M1+2022M2 ......#2022M12) it works if i stop at #2022M6 but when i add the future months everything goes blank.

is it possibly to get YTD and MTD numbers in a QV? 





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You can go to the column selector for time and add the view dimension like this:

T#2022M6:V#MTD, T#2022M5:V#MTD, … , T#2022:V#YTD

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Yes, set your View to V#Periodic and it'll be dynamic based on your time selection. So if you select T#2022M6 in one column and T#2022 in another, it'll show the MTD value where you've selected a month and the YTD value where you've selected the year. 

One thing to keep in mind is for actuals this won't work if you're loading YTD numbers because the future month ahead of the one you've currently loaded will always calc to be the full reversal of your current period's YTD value (because there's nothing loaded for the YTD of next period so OS calculates next month's value to be the difference between 0 and last month's YTD value). It really only works for forecasting periods or years that are completed in the past. 

Hope that helps but let me know if you have any questions. 

I'm a little confused by this with respect to the balance sheet (and new to onestream).  I am in a quick view and toggling the periodic view.  I see no difference between having the YTD on vs. periodic.  Is there no way just to see the current month activity with the balance sheet in quick view?

I guess I really don't understand what exactly the periodic view is....


Balance sheet accounts will show the same values between YTD and MTD (or V#Periodic with time set to a month) because balance sheet accounts are by definition a balance as of a point in time. 

Periodic view in OS is dynamic based on your time selection but it will really only matter for income statement accounts which are balances over a period of time. Hopefully that helps. 

If you're looking for balance sheet accounts across a specific time period, you'll have to run a calc taking the balance at the end of the period minus the previous period to see the change in the balance. We have this built into the Flow dimension as calcs but maybe you have it elsewhere or would rather do it manually via a formula in the QV. 

Makes sense!  Thanks for reply. 

This is the purpose of the Flow dimension. In its most simplistic form, you just roll the previous year amount forward to a member (i.e. BegBal) and calculate the delta to the actual year‘s amount to a member (i.e. Movement). There is a property for this Flow members to switch its Account type from Balance Sheet behaviour to Income Statement behavior. This Flow member can be shown as periodic and YTD.