QuickView to show accounts with specific Flow Constraint

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I want to create a QuickView which shows all BS accounts which have a FlowConstraint which isn't "MVT_GEN" but can't figure out how to set it up. 

I have used the following:

A#BS.Base:Name(XFMemberProperty(DimType=Account, Member=|MFAccount|, Property=FlowConstraint)

And this returns the whole BS but with the flow constraint instead of the name, but this is not what I'm after!

Thanks a lot


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XFMemberProperty is just a lookup: it will return the value of a property for a specific member (in your case, the currently expanded Account).

What you're after is an expansion filter, a .Where; e.g. A#BS.Base.Where(FlowConstraint DoesNotContain 'MVT_GEN')

Unfortunately, I don't think .Where supports filtering on FlowConstraint - but I might be wrong, try it yourself.


  • duplicate the FlowConstraint on a Text property, for example Text8, so you can use A#BS.Base.Where(Text8 DoesNotContain 'MVT_GEN')
  • Generate the list of accounts, turn it into excel formulas, and add a column that reports the FlowConstraint for each of them, using XFMemberProperty, then add Excel filtering.
  • Write a custom Member List in a Finance Business Rule. Then you can use it anywhere like this:

Thanks Jack - I think you're right. I have ended up using Text8 and building it from there. A shame the FlowConstraint can't be used for filtering!