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QuickView vs CubeView Performance


Hi All,


We have a cubeview that is taking much longer than we would expect.  It can take up to 4 minutes to run or, in some cases, it keeps going forever and we have to logout and abort.  The cubeview has time periods in the column (from a BRString) and Accounts and UD3's in the rows (also a BRString).  Replacing the BRStrings with hardcoded values doesn't really improve the performance so I have removed BRStrings from consideration.  We have also built a clean version of the cubeview to ensure there aren't old ghosts and hidden issues building this on the back of a previous cubeview used for a different purpose.  This cubeview is as clean and lean as it gets and still slow.


The part that really strikes me is that if I recreate the cubeview in a quickview in Excel, it takes just a few seconds.  So a 4 minute cubeview can be a 10 second quickview.  And looking at the report, 10 seconds feels right....4 minutes seems way too long for this report.


Does this sound plausible?   Do cubeviews have this much overhead where this time difference is possible?  We have heard of a bug in some versions (we are on 7.2.2) that can affect performance.  Not sure if the bug would just affect cubeviews and not quickviews.


Thoughts anyone?



Much Appreciated,



Contributor III

Hi @miked , Can you post the XFBR String for Time as your columns, and both XFBR Strings for UD3 and Account in the Rows?  Are you using suppression on either the Rows or Cols?  There are techniques for improving performance when using suppression, in general it is pertinent to know how Cube Views render and the sequence of Rows and Cols, and then the Row Overrides and Col Overrides.  This here is a performance improvement setting for Allow Sparse Row Suppression setting - True (but determine sparse rows using other columns).


My best guess is that it is explainable. 

Hope this helps and would gladly continue the conversation with you as you provide additional info.


Valued Contributor

There was an issue identified with Cube View performance in 7.2 (and higher). It was fixed in the 7.2.4, 7.3.3, and 7.4.1 releases. You may want to upgrade to eliminate this from possibilities.