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Is there a best practice to get the report headers to be a consistent size regardless of the Rows and Columns in the report?  We have the Standard Reports under Application Properties setup to drive consistency, however it appears the columns/rows formatting of a particular report is driving the size of the report header. In the example image, we have identical report headers with different column sets.  The top report has more columns which is resulting in a smaller report header.  It seems that should not be impacted by anything within the actual body of the report.

Report Header Examples.png

Second report formatting question: Is this functionality available?  The answer says it was expected back in 2020, but I can't seem to find where this feature would be.  

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I think it is because of the fact that your report has scaling set. de Setting is fit all columns on a page. If this is the case it will scale your report down. I have used a work around by adding a Empty column in the report that has fewer columns, You could also set a fix with on each column that that the total width of you columns is equal to the second report. 


Thanks for the feedback.  I added a CV Extender Inline Formula to force the PageHeaderLabelTitle, PageHeaderLabelCenter1, PageHeaderLabelCenter2, & PageHeaderLabelCenter3.  For the columns, I did add the blank column on the far right to help with the formatting within the contents of the report.