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Retain filter selection between BI viewer components


Hi, I have created a dashboard which contains multiple BI viewer components. Each BI viewer component is composed of a data grid and a set of list box filters. Is it possible to setup the BI views so that the selection done on the filters by a user is retained when switching to a different BI view within the same dashboard.

If an user select the Cost center "0002 Internal Audit" in the first BI view, and the same user then select the second BI view, the selection on the Cost center filter (which is available on both BI views) is not retained and the filter defaults back to "Select All". Is there a way to change this behavior? Is there something I should have setup to have the filter shared between the multiple BI views?

Thank you




Check the BI Viewer Design and Reference Guide.pdf document, which is included in the documentation packages you find on Marketplace in the Platform area. It contains a chapter on Parameters that can be set up to achieve what you want.