Retrieve a Quick View's POV in a spreadsheet

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Question: Is it possible to retrieve the POV of a clicked cell inside a Quick View through a "Spreadsheet" Business Rule ?

Context: I want to be able to generate 'Table View' analysis based on any workbook/worksheet's Quick View POV or ideally the selected Quick View Cell POV. I can easily do so with a linked CubeView and its bound params, but for I am wondering if it's possible for QV


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If it's not available from the args object, which you can see in the helper tree of the editor, then it's not available to that context. You can submit it as a suggestion in IdeaStream.

Thanks JackLacava, I knew it was far-fetched. Would you please shed some light on a simple thread I posted 3 days ago ? I am trying to get the Users who completed a 'Form Input' workflow step but it seems unavailable in TaskActivity table, I tried using: 

BRApi.Workflow.Status.GetWorkflowStatus(si, mywfstep).LastExecutedStep.StepLogItems(0).UserName 

Unfortunately, the List(Of StepLogInfo) is Nothing so I get the object reference error ...