Spacer column width when exporting a cube view to report

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I have a cube view that I have a spacer columns in. I would like to keep these columns but need their width narrowed when I export it the CV to a report.

Here is what it currently looks like when I run the cube view:


The spacers here are perfect.

But here is what it looks like when I export to a report:


The spacers revert back to full width. Is there a way to get them not to do this? Additionally, is there a way to get rid of the dashes in the title rows? It is set to an intersection that will never have data so I could have a clean title row in the CV, but shows the dashes like this when I export it as a report.


Really looking for how best I can control/adjust the formatting of any CV I generate into a report.




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Hi - There are three sections for the header and cell formatting: cube view, Excel, Report

If you go to header format scroll down to the Report section there'll be a ReportColumWidth. In the screenshot below, I have set mine to 15 but you may have to try it out with different numbers to get your desired look. 


There'll also be a section for ReportNoDataNumberFormat in the cells. I usually put a # there and that might fix your issue with the dash.